Experience of use Keto Bullet

Alice from Frankfurt agreed to describe her experience with the drink Keto Bullet and share her results.

Minus 17 kg without diet and exercise: how I lost weight with Keto Bullet

I was very weak in my youth, but after 25 years my metabolism started to slow down. In just a few years I gained more than 10 kilograms. This was the beginning of my struggle with being overweight. Like many others, I began to rush to extremes - or starved for weeks with a severe calorie deficit, then relieved myself and overeat with high-calorie foods. In general, in one year of such diets I completed my metabolism completely and gained another 6 kg. I was already seriously thinking about surgical weight loss methods until a friend from work told me about Keto Bullet. She lost a lot of weight, so I was interested in this product and placed an order the same day.

Keto Bullet Review

What does Keto Bullet coffee look like

I had seen enough reviews for different weight loss products, so I was skeptical. I was wondering how this coffee can help you lose weight. When I received my order, the first thing I did was to study the composition carefully. Here everything is transparent - the manufacturer lists all the components and describes in detail how they work. The conclusion is that this drink blocks the absorption of fats and starts the process of ketosis, respectively, instead of consuming carbohydrates, the body expends energy from fat reserves to maintain all functions. This reduces body fat. In addition, the components of the composition reduce appetite, so you automatically start consuming fewer calories.

How to use Keto Bullet?

The product is an instant coffee beverage in a sachet. I liked this form of release, the sachet is convenient to take with you and drink in the office. The instructions for use say that you should take one glass a day in the morning. I really like coffee, I often drink at work in the office, so sometimes I broke the instructions and instead of one sachet I drank two a day.

My impressions of Keto Bullet:

  • easy to take, you just need to fill it with water;
  • has a pleasant taste and smell;
  • invigorates like ordinary coffee;
  • does not cause any negative effects.

The drink itself is slightly sweet, has a slight coconut aroma and a pronounced smell of coffee, sugar does not need to be added to it and it is not necessary. I drank it with pleasure in the morning, it also invigorates and helps to wake up earlier.

My result

Result after the course of taking Keto Bullet

In the first days I didn't feel much effect, except that I was less attracted to sweets. I was not upset, because the taste of the drink is pleasant, and the vitamin composition shows that there will still be benefits. The effect began to be noticeable towards the end of the first week - the volume of the thighs decreased slightly. I got on the scales and was amazed - they took 2 kg in a week! At the same time, I did absolutely nothing, ate as usual, and led an inactive lifestyle. In the second week the result is even better - they took almost 4 kg! I understand that during the first week the body only enters ketosis, so not so much overweight disappears.

I took the medicine for a month and a half. During this time I lost 17 kg. Besides being weak, this drink made me feel great. I became energetic, energetic, I woke up easier in the morning. The effect pleasantly surprised me, I would never have thought that the drink would help to lose weight. I recommend Keto Bullet to anyone who wants to be thin and healthy.